10 Great uses Of Beer that you Sure Did Not Know


Although when you hear the word beer you only think about drinking it, this drink has amazing properties that would be worthless to waste.
Statree.com tells you the different uses and benefits of this exquisite drink, so that you think twice before drinking it all!

Nourishes hair and Stimulates Growth

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Beer is rich in vitamin B and silicon, substances that promote hair health and stimulate growth.
Pour a glass of beer over your hair, massage the scalp, let it act for five minutes and rinse it with cold water. Your hair will shine like never before.

Reaffirms and Repairs Skin

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Beer contains antioxidants that prevent aging of the skin. And, to make matters worse, it has a firming and repairing effect that helps tighten the skin to diminish small wrinkles.
Prepare a mask with a spoonful of beer, an egg white and 3 drops of almond oil, apply on clean face and let it act for 10 minutes.

It Helps to Fall Asleep

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Hops, a type of flower used in the preparation of beer, is a natural sedative and its aroma helps to fall asleep.

One trick is to wash the pillowcase with an equal amount of water and beer, so the aroma that you will enjoy when you go to sleep will cause you to close your eyes placidly.

Relieves tired feet

Pour cold beer into a bowl and dip your feet. Beer with its effervescent effect will help you relax your feet after a long day.

Removes dead cells

In addition to toning the skin, beer also helps remove those dead cells that give it an uneven tone.
Grind a handful of strawberries and mix with a few tablespoons of beer until you get a paste. Apply on the face to remove impurities and stimulate cellular regeneration.

Soften the meat

Beer is an excellent choice to soften the meat without altering its flavor. Put the meat in a plastic container and add beer. Marinate in the refrigerator overnight. You will enjoy its texture and flavor.

Brings wood furniture
Rub any wood surface that needs to be revitalized with a cloth dipped in warm beer. Thus, your furniture will recover the brightness and look like new.

Beer keeps flies away from food.

To do this pour beer in a shallow glass covered with foil and make small holes. The flies will be attracted by the aroma of the beer but they will not be able to leave.
It also works to eliminate slugs and cockroaches.

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Returns the Brightness of any Metal Object

The low acidity of the beer is perfect for brightening any metal object, such as steel pots and jewelry.
Moisten a cloth with beer and rub or soak for a few minutes. Then dry with a cloth and you will see how your metal objects recover their brightness.

Loosen Rusty Screws

The acids in the beer can dissolve the oxide, which will allow you to remove the screws more easily. Stir them with beer and wait a few minutes.

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